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Nano highest ROI of any top 50 coin in 2017?

I was trying to figure out the price of Nano/XRB in January of 2017 and it looks like captcha solvers were getting between 50 and 200 satoshi per XRB back then based on threads in bitcointalk.
Bitcoin price in Jan was about $900 so would work out to roughly .0008 USD per XRB if bought at 100 sats. So putting in $100 USD jan 2017 would have resulted in about 2.5 million if you sold on december 31st at $20 USD if I'm correct.
These are all quick calculations so I could be totally wrong. Coinmarketcap etc don't have stats this far back since it was so small so seems like nano's meteoric rise in 2017 isn't included many places when talking about it. If correct would this mean that Nano had one of if not the highest ROI's of any coin in 2017?
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SAT® Calculator Hacks: TI-84 Tips & Tricks - YouTube HOW TO - ADAPTIVE ASSET ALLOCATION TOOL SAT Allows This??  SAT Calculator Tricks 2019 - YouTube [SAT Math] Tips and skills for Solving No Calculator ... BEST CALCULATOR HACKS (SAT, ACT, etc.) - YouTube

Coinwarz bitcoin mining calculator difficulty swallowing.. # usr/bin/python. Coinwarz bitcoin mining calculator difficulty swallowing.. Nyse current stock price. Blockchain world conference atlantic city. Amsoil signature series 5w20. Xrp price forecast. T3 communications. M stak reviews. Coinwarz bitcoin mining calculator difficulty swallowing.. First note that in a CNF a clause cannot be negated. This is because a Clause ¬ (A ∨ B) is equal to ¬A ∧ ¬B.But let's ignore this and assume we're talking about a more lenient Formula instead. Next your BinaryVariable could just as well be a normal String. Replace all BinaryVariable with String and assign the variables as String var1 = "X_1" and it should still work. To make a long story short, a SAT solver is something you give a boolean formula to, and it tells you whether it can find a value for the different variables such that the formula is true. Example suppose that a , b and c are boolean variables, and you want to know if these variables can be assigned a value that somehow makes the formula (¬a ... Crypto exchange rate calculator helps you convert prices online between two currencies in real-time. JE Aggas Blogging About Gematria, Numerology, Politics, News. Some Humor, Satire Everybody has permission to steal my work. View my complete profile

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SAT® Calculator Hacks: TI-84 Tips & Tricks - YouTube

Watch me solve Practice Test 4 SAT Math (No Calculator) section from Khan Academy. Tune in to gain clarity on these tough problems! Studying for the upcoming... calculator tricks with the lads anyways gang here are my best calculator tricks I've learned to help you with testing, math class, or whatsoever your heart d... Common SAT calculator: SAT books: Enhance Focus free/easy: Biggest calculat... SAT: Study and Triumph The calculator is allowed on some portions of the SAT Math Section, and while this news may cause some of you to jump for joy, keep ... Storing In The Memory - Use The Store (STO) & Recall (RCL) function - Casio Calculator fx-85GT PLUS - Duration: 2:06. The Calculator Guide 72,316 views