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In my next newsletter I plan to highlight Ren. Anything I should add or remove?

Hey guys I'm the author of a short weekly newsletter called The Weekly Coin where I highlight high potential lower cap projects. Next week I plan to highlight Ren. I want to consult the community to see if I missed out or should add any details.
(If you're interested you can check out The Weekly Coin here, but no pressure at all.)
Here is the newsletter.

Remember when smart phones had different operating systems? I’m talking about early cell phone days, the days of the flip phone. The Motorola Razr V3, Sony Ericsson K300, and Samsung SGH-D500 all had its their own proprietary OS. It was all a jumbled mess. The cell phone industry couldn’t move together as one.
Nowadays there is much less variety to contend with. Operating systems have dwindled down to mainly just iOS and Android and as a result cell phones have advanced greatly.
Blockchains today operate just like the operating systems of those ancient dark times. Ethereum has no clue Bitcoin exist, Bitcoin has no clue ZCash exists and vice versa. The communication between blockchain networks is called interoperability and Ren is doing just that.
Ren is…
"The first and only open protocol that provides access to inter-blockchain liquidity for all decentralized applications. Bringing BTC, BCH and ZEC to your Ethereum dApp." (
Along with interoperablity Ren focuses heavily on privacy for true decentralization.
"Trustless privacy and interoperability are absolutely necessary for achieving truly decentralized applications that are secure, usable, and liquid." (
- CoinMarketCap Rank: 82
- Current Price: $0.026782
- Market Cap: $52,693,330
- Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 REN
- Where to buy REN: Binance, Huobi, Kyber Network, Uniswap
- Development Frequency: On Github the Ren organization has a number of active repositories that help developers integrate Ren into their own dApps even providing a TypeScript example as well as documentation on getting started. As a developer this is a beauty to see.
Ren has been making great strides recently in inter-blockchain liquidity by recently announcing The Ren Alliance.
"The Ren Alliance is a consortium of DeFi companies and/or projects that are helping secure, develop, and utilize RenVM." (Introducing the Ren Alliance)
Ren is putting in work and a lot of it. There needs to be a standardized way of communication so this space can move together more concurrently or at the very least pool resources together. I think Ren is definitely a coin you should take a look at.

Let me know what you think!
// Ken
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